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Party people! Prepare your eardrums…

So, this year 2016, represents the 50th anniversary of our dear beloved Star Trek…and in the spirit of strange new worlds and even stranger people, my long-time partner in all things nerdy and silliness Joshua McClenney and myself are launching a podcast dedicated to watching the original Star Trek. It shall be called…

*drumroll please*

Two Guys One Trek

So, I am certainly a Star Trek veteran; I’ve seen all the shows at least once, some of them several times…most of them several times…I’ve read the books, I’ve written fan fiction…the levels of nerdiness are embarrassing if I think about it for too long, so we move on!

Josh has never watched The Original Series. He’s watched from The Next Generation (that’s the one with the bald captain, fyi) onward, even Enterprise, god bless him…but he’s never seen the OG Trek where that all came from. He knows nothing, and I really mean NOTHING. Everything is shiny and fresh and new to him. You only ever get to watch something for the first time once…and we’re capturing it on tape.

Together we meet, eat, drink, and Trek together. We giggle and we cry, and we critique, and rewrite…LOTS of rewriting, actually, way too much…and just really, really, REALLY have a blast journeying through the genius and the foibles of this iconic show from 1966. As Josh says on the podcast, people who watch Trek are special, SPECIAL people…because you get it. We start each episode with some general discussion and shenanigans, Josh tells me what the episode will be about from the episode title alone, and then we invite you all to watch the episode with us! Then, we chat over the amazingness we just saw. Episode by episode. All 78 of them. There’s nothing better! Right?!


So…given the incredible age we live in where one can sit down and watch Trek 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we’re going to release the ENTIRE FIRST SEASON all at once. All 29 episodes (that’s broadcast count, for my fellow uber trek nerds, no original pilot viewing because…well you know why. It would spoil another episode). We’re already closing in on that goal, and so today’s announcement is two-fold, not only to announce we’re doing this, but also to announce…

“Two Guys One Trek” will premier Monday June 13, 2016, all of Star Trek season one.

So, mark your calendars, set your watches, and synchronize your chronometers. Come and make some memories with us, laugh, get outraged at our stupidity, agree or disagree with our critiques, and most of all have some fun watching one of the best and most enduring TV shows ever created.

Trek is best watched with a friend. We can’t wait to count you as one of ours! 🙂


We’re also already on social media, so come find and follow us! Our OFFICIAL hashtag is #TG1T:

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