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(A Star Trek: The Next Generation short story)

Jason Vigo: the son Picard almost had. In the wake of the loss both of his ship and his last remaining blood relatives, Picard reconnects with Jason and a life path that he almost chose so many years ago. When a robbery turns the reunion sour, Picard must pursue the thieves up the Red Cliffs of Mars, and in the process…finds family.

“The Family Will Go On” is a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan-fiction short story, approximately 9,000 words – 35 pages when printed, set after the events of the first Next Generation film Generations (1994).

Please feel free to share this story with whomever you wish and in whatever manner suits you, my only request would be to make sure the work is attributed to myself, and a link back to my website or this blog posting.

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