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James. You’ve Gunn it again.

I liked the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and I like its sequel. Vol. 2 was really good, you guys. Very entertaining, very funny, very colorful, very charming, very exciting. The music is great – perhaps not as great as the first flick, but still excellent – the character arcs are very satisfying – if not a bit heavy-handed at times – and the hijinx are super fun.

There are things that I thought this movie did better than the first movie, actually. Not everything…but enough that I’d have a hard time choosing between the two of these, I think, as to which was better. Though now that I type this, my gut tells me the first one would win pretty easily in that regard…but STILL. This movie was really good, you guys! It’s worth watching.

Again…the COLORS in this movie. Good lord. James Gunn is amazing. They were more ham-handed in this movie…again, if this movie is guilty of anything, it’s going over-the-top in some areas at certain times…but they were undeniably beautiful. The cast is SO GOOD…Nebula is the only one who stands out as being meh…the jokes are genuinely funny, plenty of actually for real laughs out loud…the climax was excellently exciting.

Oh…and Baby Groot is goddamn adorable and amazing. And Drax steals almost every scene he’s in.

Thumbs up from this guy. Go see it.

Had an otherwise low-key day. I played a bit of fallout in the AM, I read my book for a while, I went to lunch with the Ho, took a nap with the Ho, and then went and watched the movie with the Ho and Ali and Matt and his sister.

Twas a bonnie good day indeed.

Good night! Gonna try and read more of this book…have this shit finished by the end of this weekend maybe šŸ™‚