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Guys…we made it to Vegas. We are alive.

It RAINED on the way out here. The weather going on right now is so, sooooo friggin weird. It’s like Florida up in this piece.

But, back to the nature at hand: we’re in our room in the Rio and ready to GO tomorrow. I just spend the past hour or so down at the front bar getting to meet everyone in the Star Trek podcasting sphere. There are a lot of us…and we’re all SO NICE AND COOL. Seriously, I had a blast meeting everyone tonight.

I have to confess that I’ve never done this before, this meeting-online-people-IRL before. It’s kind of amazing. My favorite thing about having the TG1T podcast out has been meeting new people, hands down. Bar none. I love it. So glad I’m here.

We made a styrofoam cut out of Josh. It’s ridiculous and so stupid…and kind of amazing because of it. Lots of people took photos with Josh, and hopefully many more will take photos with him tomorrow.

Right now…it’s time for the sleeps. I am friggin exhausted. Oh! Except to say that we also got to see the Kerr-Bear tonight for din-din…legit amazing chinese food at the casino next door…and we’re going to see her tomorrow, too. Can’t WAIT.

Good night!