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Guys. GUYS.

The new Blade Runner is so freaking good. Holy crap.

I am on record as saying that as a movie…meaning the whole package, including story, characters and dialogue…the original Blade Runner is totally overrated. It’s a decent movie at best, slow and boring at worst. The only part of that entire movie that actually works for me is the end showdown with Deckard and Batty. Everything else for me, pretty much, is a waste of my goddamn time.

Now…what makes that movie a classic is the production design and the world-building. THAT shit is unparalleled and as-yet unmatched. Even in this sequel.

But, guys…I’m a story guy first and foremost…and Blade Runner 2049 is one of those rare sequels where the second installment is better than the first. It’s really, really good. Maybe not perfect, but damn near close. I cared for the characters, I was in on the adventure and the mystery (blessed be to Mercer, it actually had a REAL PLOT), it was more faithful to the larger themes of the original Philip K Dick novella, which was much more about loneliness, identity, and yearning than it ever was about the replicants he was hunting…and goddamn was it absolutely gorgeous to look at.

The visuals, yes, were standing on the shoulders of Ridley Scott, but holy crap you guys. It was CINEMA. Not as ground-breaking or original as the first, but breathtaking nonetheless.

The only true downer for me in the movie was Jared fucking Leto. Why does he keep getting parts in movies? I don’t believe a gd word coming out of his mouth. Thankfully, his role was sparse in this film. If it had been played by a more capable actor, I would be complaining that role was underdeveloped…but as it is, it was a blessing. The WOMEN in this movie were particularly incredible. Luv; jesus h christ, whoever played her is a flubbin badass. And what’s her face that I just watched in War Dogs was absolutely incredible as Gosling’s lover. Ryan, for his part, was a wonderful Pinocchio. The settings were pulled straight from my own imagination.

I really enjoyed the movie. I think it’s easily the best movie I’ve seen this year. I highly, highly recommend seeing it in theaters before it leaves, and it’s a crime that it’s under-performing at the box office. That reminds me of another excellent SciFi movie from a few years ago that unfairly under-performed: Edge of Tomorrow. That movie might be even better than this one, at least story-wise…this movie’s visuals are almost second to none…so if you haven’t seen that one yet either, do so. They’re worth your money.

So, here’s to film in 2017. A great movie can still be made. Cheers to you, Denis Villanueve!

I also had a badass, long, long work day today setting up promos for my launch next week and doing Netflix editing. I’m tuckered the fuck out. Good night.