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Willpower wins the day. I crushed my writing today. 3,000 words like it was nothing. So, that’s a relief. Now to repeat that sh*t tomorrow šŸ™‚

I also hit a milestone today: I crossed $500.00 in a month in royalties. In my *first* month. Just proves how many readers there are actually out there. THEY ARE OUT THERE. I just have to write more books šŸ˜› Hence the focus today on getting those words out!

Book two is so, so close to being written. Again, SO MUCH rewriting to do on it…but it’s almost done. Days away. Hours.

A big part of this turnaround that I feel like is finally coming is the fact that I know how many words I can write in an hour now. It’s 1,500 right now. I remember a few months ago when it was a stretch to hit 1,000 words an hour. So *that* is very nice. The next step after that will be to push that per-hour average a bit higher. Like, I bet you I can eventually get that up around 2,500 words and hour. And, man…if I can get to that level, I can write a book a month. That would be very exciting.

But…one step at a time. I’m not there yet. I *will* be at some point, but I’m not there yet.






Tomorrow, I’m just going to focus on 3,000 more words. For non-author perspective, 1,500 words is about six pages. So, I wrote 12 pages today. Give or take. A finished novel is anywhere from around 50,000 words up to 100,000. Unless, of course, you’re talking epic fantasy. Those books can touch 250,000 words. Not my style šŸ˜› In fact, Starstuff is probably a bit long for the indie scene – my sweet spot might be around 60,000 words. At the very least, it will take a little less time to write and edit.

I’m watching the Warriors play right now – no Curry tonight, and they’re definitely “struggling” a little bit. I say that in quotes because they’re still winning right now with double digits. But, they’re definitely not quite the dynamic team they usually are. It’s a little bit messier, and little more bump and grind. They’re playing Orlando, which apparently is a decent team so far this year.

I also got some Belgian Chocolate pudding from Trader Joe’s the other day and hooolllyyyy crap. It’s delicious 😋

I definitely feel jittery tonight. I’m not really sure why. There was a building issue that set me off a little bit, I think…which is so frustrating because it was such an insignificant little issue. But, I will say this: Liz is home. I missed her. A lot. And the pups. It was fun, me and the Coops, being buds together for the weekend, but everyone is so much happier when we’re all together. I love that.

Anywho…that’s all for tonight. Go writing. Go Warriors.