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I did not get any writing work done today.

I underestimated how much work this editing stuff was going to be. It’s taking me a good three times longer than I’d scheduled, which means it sucked up my entire work day. I could have done writing work in the evening…but I fizzled. And that’s the part that annoys me, I guess. That’s the part of my day that I really need to work on.

How do I balance how much work to do with not burning out? I’ve swung to both sides of the spectrum now – not getting enough work done, and working too much to the point where I get sick and have to shut down completely for a couple weeks. The search for the happy medium continues…

But, I know what the cure is tomorrow: I’m going to write. First thing. We’ll see what happens from there.

I can do this, guys. I can get this rewrite done in time.

That is what I’m going to keep in my head tonight as I go to sleep. Good night, guys. You can do it, too. Not rewrite my book πŸ˜› No, I mean whatever it is that’s eluding you. You can do it, too. It takes a lot of failure and nights like I feel tonight…but we can both do it.

Night πŸ˜‰