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LA is on fire tonight. It was on fire all day today.

This Bel Air fire is no joke. Thankfully, it’s the smallest of the blazes currently ravaging my home city…but it’s also LITERALLY right over the hill from us. It burned all day today 3 miles from our house. We were on an evacuation alert, but the fire department didn’t have to pull the trigger on that and so we got to stay home. I got to work.

It was a Netflix work day today – I’m going to try and finish this project tomorrow. Wish me luck on that. It’ll take me…a long, long day of work…but it’s what I want. I want to do that, crank out another 100 pages on Friday, and then finish this re-through Saturday. That’s the plan. T-minus four week from today till it’s handed over to my editors, and holy crap, it needs so much work.

The puppers got their hairs cut today, Coops and Coco. They look all shaved down and super suuuuuper soft. Especially Cooper. His hair is so fine, so soft, he feels like a plush toy. Really, though, it’s the way they smell. They smell like puppies when they get back from the groomers. It’s just the best thing ever.

Poor guys, we haven’t been able to walk them for the past two days because the air quality outside has been so bad. I took them for a walk last night, a short one, thinking that it was better outside — and it was, it wasn’t visibly smokey — but as soon as I got home, I realized that my chest was hurting from breathing in all the particulate matter. So, yeah…it’s bad.

I will say this: I don’t think that we’re actually in danger of being evacuated. The winds seem to be blowing the fire away from us, and it would have to get through a good mile of houses before it reached us with very little, if any, wild brush and stuff to feed it. But, just in case, we are all packed up and ready to go if we need to.

That’s all for tonight. It was a weird, stressful day because of the fires…but I was able nonetheless to buckle down and crank out some good work. Let’s keep it going tomorrow!

Oh! And here’s to another milestone for the bloggity blog…1,500 days. It was over a YEAR ago when I crossed the 1,000 day mark. Let’s see what I was doing that day…

It was July of 2016. I was working on trailers for Netflix. Liz hadn’t even done her show yet…and I wasn’t writing. I remember I was having such a hard time fitting that into my day with work. Crazyyyyy. It feels like such a long time ago.

Anyway, it’s time for the sleeps tonight, but before I go, I have to give a shoutout to a reader, who really made my day today – heck my whole MONTH…Dr. Geoff, you know who you are. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and for being so generous with your response to my book as to share it with me. It is quite literally why I decided to write. Dr. Geoff wrote a review of Starstuff today on Goodreads and Amazon – you can go check it out if you feel so inclined. Spoiler: he didn’t hate it.

Good night!

Photo tonight is from the Bel Air fire. Shit is crrraaazzzzyyyyy 😐