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Okay, first things first (I’m the realest): the Ho and I watched the documentary Icarus on Netflix tonight…and holy bejesus. You need to watch it. It’s a must-watch. You think you know about this whole Russia doping program…but you have no idea. What a great documentary.

Next: it’s late. I’m am ze tireds. BUT…I finished my Netflix work. That means I can take a day off tomorrow, and then I’m back full-focused on the book 2 manuscript. Whew!

Update on the fires: the one close to our house seems to be under control. The fires elsewhere in LA, not so much. The one in Ventura really is catastrophic. And apparently there were several more that started today, including a couple down by San Diego, and one that caught Malibu. It’s so, so dry. My hands are like parchment. Which reminds me, I need to moisturize them tonight 😛

It was a good day today. Aaaahhhhh. A very good day. I got everything done. Praise be.

Tomorrow: rest.

Good night!

Artwork tonight is from Jeff Sturgeon.