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I had a very solid work day! Huzzah! Not quiiiittteeee as focused and kick-ass as it could have been, but it was solid. Part of it was waking up back at my “Normal” time this morning, which I haven’t been doing for about two weeks. That made me tired. BUT, it also made it so that I started off the day with some really solid productivity.

If I can hit six hours of work tomorrow, I will have this manuscript all marked up and ready for fixing.

I have to say, it’s very satisfying reading through something and still be able to feel in my gut whether or not something is exciting or boring. I mean that on a very instinctive, gut-level, not-even-talking-about-execution level. I can feel when something is going to work or not work. Sometimes that feeling sucks, because I know that I’m wasting my time with something…as in the 20,000-word detour I took earlier this year on the very first version of this manuscript…but most of the time, like today, it’s awesome because it’s the light in the darkness that shows me the way out.

Like, there was this story convention that I was using, and I really was pretty sure that it needed to be cut and go, and then I was reading today and I got to that part, and I felt all tingly and excited. My gut made me realize that it was probably worth keeping. We’ll see if that stays the case. It doesn’t always work out that way…but usually it does.

The Warriors won tonight. They started off looking really, really slow and sloppy, but then they really turned it around. They were playing the Blazers, who are not an elite team, so it wasn’t like they took down a behemoth or anything…but still. A satisfying win.

That’s all for tonight. It’s bed time. ON time. Hallelu!