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Oh, happy day…I felt better today! The fever is gone…for me. It is decidedly not gone for the Ho 🙁 She’s where I was three days ago, or so. The only thing I can hope for her is that her immune system works faster than mine did.

It’s weird getting decently sick, and then feeling better. Everything is kind of…foggy, you know? Like, it feels like sleeping for a really long time…which I suppose it is, quite literally…and then stepping out into the sun and blinking and squinting because everything looks so bright and new and weird. I felt like that today…

Anyway…I both feel ready to get back to writing and not ready. I still have a lot of anxiety about it, I realized today. Probably because this was the first day that I really had the energy to feel anxious…so a call to that therapist is still definitely in the cards, and beyond that, I’m going to try and take it one step at a time. It almost makes me want to just cancel this freaking pre-order because I know in the back of my mind that if I just had my shit together, I could hit that deadline…and that freezes me up…but, I’m going to just take it one step at a time.

It’s almost midnight, and Disjointed is dropping its second set of 10 episodes. We were supposed to go over to Kathy Bates’ house tonight to see everyone for dinner and celebrate, but with both of us sick, that just seemed like a terrible idea, so alas…we didn’t go. Very disappointed.

Being sick really is the worst.

Tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on movies #3 and #4 for the year, and I have a decent amount of work to do. Gotta make dat money.