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Mind is muuuuusssshhhhhh…it was a long, long day of traveling.

This trip was a quick one, and an odd one. We flew, yes, into Portland…but then there was the five hour drive to and from Medford down on the complete other end of the state of Oregon. It was the cheapest way, yes, and we also got to drive with Scott and Addie which is always a treat.

I really like Portland. It’s a fun city. The rest of Oregon really reminds me of Northern California, which makes sense, given that it’s only a couple hundred miles from where I grew up to where we were in Oregon.

We had breakfast with the fam, then drove our way back up to Portland where we got home juuuust in time to let Addie be dropped off to go do what she needed to do school and work-wise, and take a quick walk with Scott, and then it was back to the airport. We ate at the airport and watched the beginning of the Super Bowl over by the bar, and then we planed and watched the rest of the game on the flight. Even the flight attendants were watching on our iPad. It was fun 😛

Eagles won for the first time in their franchise history, which I’m okay with given that the Pats currently have the same number of Super Bowl wins as the Niners, and I didn’t want them getting any more before we add a couple more.

Then we landed, took a Lyft home, and then turned right around and drove over the Kristen and Arg’s to get the pups. They were sooooo excited to see us. I freaking love them so much. Coops is curled right up next to me on the bed right now, passed the fuck out. We ate some food over there, and then drove home. Finally, home. Coops was so happy, he ran around the bedroom for a few minutes all on his own, and then he came and got me to come and play some fetch. Coco just sat in her bag and waited for her ears to be cleaned and then to come into the bedroom for nighttime routine. Oh, and the Ho has an audition for tomorrow, so we worked that.

And here we are.

Tired. And happy. Happy to be home. Happy to have seen so many of my relatives. Happy that Tony is at peace now, and that he lived such a wonderful, long life with people who loved him because he loved them so much.

Good night, everybody. Hope you had a nice weekend!