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Guys…Dark is a super fun show. I’m in. 100%. I was skeptical at first, and the early episodes are slightly rocky here and there…but not really. The show’s been pretty fucking strong from beginning to where we are now, which is in the home stretch. It’s not stranger things. It’s its own thing. And I dig it. It’s about time travel. Go watch it! 🙂

We decided tonight that there are several actors on the show who are excellent, and they really, really are, but our favorite is the woman who plays Nurse Ines. She’s fantastic, and she doesn’t even hardly do anything. The show plays very much like you’d expect a British show to play – not super fast-paced, grey and wet, very character-driven…I dig it.

I cleaned today, mostly. The floors were in dire need of it, and I did it. I got pages off to my beta readers, I took care of the pups, and I took an epically epic nap. One of those naps where you wake up and you’re not sure what time it is, or maybe even where you are. I was exhausted. Travel!

Anywho; it’s time for the sleeps. It’s just after midnight, and I do need to get up in the morning. But, I can’t end the entry tonight without mentioning that the pups were insanely snuggly today. Even Cooper. Seriously more than usual. They were on the couch with the two of us as we watched TV tonight before bed. It was…perfect.

Dogs are perfect.

And dirty. Oh, so dirty.