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I had a rough work day today…but we shake it off, and we keep moving forward.

I just did a little writing session just now, planning out stuff for my scene(s) tomorrow writing-wise. I think this is something I can add into my nightly routine; doing outline/sketch work for the scenes the next day. At least enough to get me started.

I do have to acknowledge right now that 1) my stamina for writing right now is not all that great, and 2) that going out of town and not writing has affected my focus big-time. However…I do have the keys to the kingdom at my disposal…and those keys are to just relax, let it go, not rush, and just focus tomorrow on fixing the scene that lies before me. Make it tight like a tiger. Make it sizzle.

Speaking of tight…Dark is a pretty damn-good show. I’m worried about where they’re going for season 2…but this first season was pretty damn enjoyable. Check it out. The Ho and I just mutually decided that it gets an A-. We finished it today, which was awesome and fun and it was the first show that we’ve binge watched together like that in a decent amount of time. It brought back memories of Battlestar Galactica and Lost. Good, good times.

Tomorrow, Josh and I watch Star Trek II together…perhaps my favorite movie of all time…but don’t tell Josh that. I don’t want him to put any pressure on it. I’m not going to bring up any of that stuff beforehand. We’re just going to sit down and watch it, and see how it goes. I’m excited to watch the Blu-ray of the Director’s Cut. EEeeeeee!

Okay. Time for the sleeps.

Good night. Tomorrow is going to be a badass day. I can feel it.