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Man…what a day.

A lot happened today, much of which wasn’t actually about me, so I won’t tell someone else’s story, but what a day.

What I will talk about is that ze Josh and I watched The Wrath of Khan today. Josh was seeing this one for the first time. I think he’d heard of it. I’m sure he’s heard of it. It’s kind of ubiquitous now how good that movie is, but as Josh said tonight after watching it, it’s one of those rare movies that lives up to its own hype. And it really, really does.

I realized watching that movie tonight just how much it has influenced me as a storyteller. I remember I used to listen to that movie at night on cassette tape because my dad had dubbed it. And then I got the movie script from the local nerdy book store and I would watch the movie and read along with the script to see what they did. From the way that this film plants its seeds at the beginning to how they all come together in the end…I idolize the storytelling in this movie.

It’s so fucking TIGHT. Everything, and I really mean EVERYthing in this movie pays off in the end. There is not a single wasted breath…and it really dives deep into the human condition: family, friendship, sacrifice, age, hubris, life, death, obsession, love, hate…it’s all in there. It’s rather incredible, actually. Josh was literally sitting next to me saying, “This is so much, I’m not even sure I can handle this.”

So, bravo to Nicholas Meyer. I just read about how he wrote the script for the movie, which I knew he did, but he had to do it so quickly that there wasn’t time to negotiate him a credit for it, and so he didn’t get credit for writing the screenplay. How crazy is that?!

Anywho, it’s time for sleeps. I did NOT get writing work done today at all, for reasons beyond my control, but it’s all good. I let it go. Tomorrow: I write.