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The Winter Olympics have ARRIVED.

It’s weird. I didn’t know they started a day before the opening ceremony. How can the opening ceremony be, you know, an OPENING if shit has already happened? Makes no sense. But, here we are…and I dig it. The Ho and I spent the evening together on the couch watching sports — both of us watching the figure skating teams first, and then her continuing that and me watching the Warriors beat the Mavericks. We played well tonight…against an admittedly shitty team in Dallas. Doesn’t count. The last real game we played well was our win over Boston.

He came in for the treat, then he snuggled my feet. <— the Ho wanted me to document that she just came up with that. It’s in regards, of course, to the Coops. He was so snuggly today. He was right up against me for my whole writing session which went really, really well. Finally. This was has been rather unproductive with the going out of town and such over last weekend. But today was dope. Narrations were also excellent.

The book is going well, guys. Slow, but well. I’d really like to pick up the pace, but I am not going to force that shit. Not this time. I am feeling the itch to plan out a timeline…but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll do that when I’m ready. I’ve been doing a lot of scene outlining and sketching and dialogue improvising lately outside of my actual writing program. I do all that until I feel like I have the scene where I want it, and then I go in and actually write it. It’s working really well. Somehow that separation between the two things, the brainstorming/improv and the actual writing, is helping me get through this manuscript that has been such a challenge up to this point. I dig it.

That’s all for tonight. I’m going to try and get some reading done.

Night 🙂