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Not really sure what to write about today…

Did lots of thinking. Not super productive today…but I did lots of thinking. I wasn’t feeling particularly hot. I slogged through some admin-type writing stuff in the morning which took waaaay longer than I’d hoped. I also sent off some emails to readers – that was more entertaining, at least…but I was in a bit of a funk today.

Here’s the difference, though, I *hope*. I kind of allowed myself to just be in a funk today. I didn’t try to push it aside, or allow myself to feel too guilty about not being so productive. I think it was just one of those days. And I think that, because, when I finally started to feel a bit better towards the end of the day, I actually sat down and wrote some words, and I got some of the TG1T work done that I needed to get done.

Part of it, legitimately, is allergies. They’re kiiillliiinnnngggg me right now. Good god. Part of it is that I didn’t eat enough, and when I was hungry, I was not able to muster much mental power. And that really got me thinking about the importance of diet and exercise…and how I really have a long way to go in that regard. I need an exercise routine. It will feed my creative energy, and well, everything else for that matter. I’m going to revisit the subject with the Ho tomorrow. I know there’s a gym we’d looked at. Maybe now is time to pull the trigger on that.

These are the kinds of steps I have to take to turn things around. I need to take them.

Now, however, is time for sleep.

The struggle continues! And it was a struggle today…but it was NOT a zero day. That’s the goal now, guys: just not a day where nothing got done…and I mean writing by that. Not writing is what gives me the most stress, the anxiety I always come back to.

Tomorrow is going to be better.