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Ira Heinichen is a writer / podcaster / lingerie model living in Los Angeles. He is currently writing about himself using the third-person, pretending that it’s someone else like he’s so important and busy that he needs other people to write these things for him. He’s also pretending about the “lingerie model” part of that first sentence. The writer and podcaster parts are true…but he’s probably blown that credibility already with the afore-mentioned lying.

I write SciFi books, I run a podcast called “Two Guys One Trek,” and I live in Los Angeles with my amazing wife and my more-amazing dogs (sorry, bear) Cooper and Coco.

This blog is my digital shelf, a collection of my thoughts and favorite-est things, from Sci-Fi and Television to Movies and Baseball.

I write every day on my blog. Sometimes I post videos from my Youtube channel. Sometimes I post about music that I think is so cool it needs to be shared. My defunkt music podcast “Fresh Produce” is now housed here. My latest podcast “Two Guys One Trek,” wherein my best bud Josh and I watch the original Star Trek series together, is housed here. I also write reviews on books and movies and share information about my upcoming novels. It’s a mish-mosh of everything “Ira.”

I hope you enjoy!