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Hello everyone, and welcome to my mind. The Incrediblog may sound grandiose, sure, and so rarely do things ever live up to the hype.

But this blog WILL!

…for me, anyway. That’s the caveat. This is to be a musing place for everything that *I* find interesting. Or want to chronicle in some way.

So, with that in mind, again welcome.

Some of you may find yourself here after trying to visit my old music site Fresh Produce. The, sadly, now-defunct Fresh Produce. And if you did, there’s a lot more here than what you bargained for. And I apologize 😛

Ever since shuttering that weekly dive into new music, I’ve craved an outlet; one perhaps a little less intense than doing a weekly radio show *with interviews*; and I’m excited to have that again. Topics will vary widely around here, and are very likely to include:

-Film/TV reviews

-Music posts

-General Sci-Fi geeky-ness

-Baseball (go A’s)


-Production blogging when I’m actually, you know, in production on something

-Creative writing pieces that are “worthy” of self-publishing

To start with, I’ll be archiving all my old Fresh Produce posts and articles here. Seems like a waste to have that site sucking up bandwidth all on its own. Also, I plan to start the journaling right away. And to round it out, I’ve taken it a project upon myself I’ve casually referred to as “The Education of Ira Heinichen” — which is that I’ve recently dove back into science-fiction, and realized that I’m a bit of a hack when it comes to virtually all of the “classics” in that genre. So, with kindle in hand, I’m working down a list of the afore-mentioned “classics” to educate myself on what it really means to be a science-fiction writer. Yup. At 30. Finally getting my shit together.

Anywho; I know, it sounds like a weird collection of Ira-ness…and that’s what I hope it will be. If anyone else happens to enjoy it as well…then I’m so very sorry. You’re obviously just as lost as I am 🙂




ps- I thought the crashed relic in the background of this was pretty cool 🙂