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I wrote today, and I podcasted with Josh.

We’re almost done with the Animated Series! I’m also getting close to being able to commit to a release date for Season 3 of The Original Series…so, that’s exciting 🙂

Anyway, it’s late, so I have to make this entry short tonight. I’m really enjoying getting my writing done so early. Really enjoying that. The draft is almost done. I crossed 83,000 words today. I’ll hit the 90,000 word mark around Thursday…and then hopefully finished by Sunday. I’m on track. Only two days in, really, but on track. Just have to keep it up…and you know what? I will. I think I’ve finally come to terms that this draft is a shit draft, and I mean a SHIT draft…

…you know what I realized about that today, though? I’ve totally been here before. With my last script I wrote, Icarus. The first draft was teeerrrriiiibbbllleeee. Terrible. Had to be completely torn down and redone. Well, this isn’t actually quite that bad. And I learned a lot from that process with Icarus; how to cut things down when they were too much, how to condense and refine scenes and make them really exciting, and how to get under a page count.

So, the two mantras apply:

1. Just keep writing.

2. Trust the process

I leave you with those two pearls of wisdom on this lovely evening. Good night 😉