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We’re dropping like flies over here at the Ho-Heinichen household! The Ho…now has the sickness. Poor thing. She was all bundled up on the couch actually shivering with the chills. My fever never got quite that bad, but hers has. Sigh.

She was actually doing some researched, and we have the flu. That’s what the symptoms point to, anyway. Pretty sure I know who we got it from, too…well, Liz got it from me, but, yeah…don’t go out y’all if you’re feeling sick! It just spreads that shit around. My mom was telling me today that nurses come into the hospital sick. They wear masks on the floor, but still! That boggles the mind.

I *do* feel ever so slightly better today. Slightly. Didn’t feel as achy or feverish, though the gravelly voice and the cough are still there in full force. I took the pups for nighttime walkies, and that wasn’t wise. I was feeling pretty shitty by the time I got home…but then I ate some food and started to feel better, so maybe I was just hungry 😛

In any event, I am ready READY to feel better. I am ready to re-tackle my book…I have ideas on how I might even be able to meet my delivery date on Amazon…and yeah…I’m just ready to feel better. I hope that happens tomorrow, though, if this really IS the flu, I might still be out of commission for a few days. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Good night, and stay healthy out there. And pray for us. We’re dying.