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Happy Birthday, tonight, to two friends: Marie and Liz Alderfer. We got to hang out with both of them this evening. Marie first; she was having a shindig at Marmelade Cafe at the Farmer’s Market, my old stomping grounds. It was QUITE the turnout. Very nice to meet so many of her friends, and see those we already knew. Then we sped on over to Father’s Office, which I had never been to! And saw Lizderfer there.

I had one of their famous burgers…and I do mean famous. It’s been called the best burger in LA, and believe it or not, I can see why. It was truly, truly scrumptious. Damn…now I want to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Today, ostensibly, was a day off…but I still actually got quite a bit of work done. These weekends as “working” weekends are definitely good for making up lost work during the week, which is what I’m using it for. But, it does have the effect of making me feel pretty wiped out at the end of the day. Not ideal for making my actual workweek kickass. I’m going to have to keep that in mind.

I wrote today, I edited Two Guys One Trek, I did narrations, I did the laundry…it was a good day. A productive day. Those are the days Ira feels best…so in that regard: today was an excellent day. In all other ways it was a damn good day, too πŸ˜›


Good night πŸ™‚