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Guys…I survived food poisoning last night. Holy jazzies.

I woke up around 2am…I think…and I just wasn’t feeling well. Felt like I had to pee, I was too warm, and that Father’s Office burger was sitting in my tum-tum like a lead weight. That’s honestly what it felt like at first, like I had *just* ate it, and I had eaten too much.

I finally got up to go to the bathroom…and man…as I was sitting on that toilet, it hit me. Hard. I felt like I was super super drunk and I had the spins…except it was just the sick-to-my-stomach part of the spins without the rest. Started sweating, and I couldn’t move. I hunched up down on the bathroom floor with my head down for probably 15 minutes POURING sweat. But it worked, I didn’t actually throw up. The sweat meant I was freezing though after the nausea passed, but I knew if I got back into bed, somehow, that I was going to be sick again, so I found my robe and I curled up on the floor until the sweat dried up and my stomach stabilized.

Crisis averted.

It has been…decades since I had food do that to me. Seriously, I think the last time it happened, I was, like, 14. I woke up not really able to eat breakfast, and that persisted at lunch, too. Tummy was too fragile. If I really ate anything, I could just feel I was going to throw it up. But then in late afternoon, things cleared! I was hungry! I ate, and everything was fine 😛 Whew!

So, here we are. Recovered. Father’s Office: you were delicious…but something in that burger tried to kill me.

It was another epic day today to cap off an epic weekend. It was Tilde’s birthday party. Liz had brought Coco earlier, and so I spent most of my time holding Coco, actually, and interacting with the various kids that wanted to check her out. Delilah in particular loves the Coco. Her and Wolfie are the Coco fan club. They’re so freaking cute. All of three of them, Coco included.

I went and got my hair cut after that. Feels so much better, aaaahhhhh.

Then we came home, I walked the puppers, ate some dinner, we ran Liz’s scene for tomorrow, and then we watched some Olympics (USA! USA!), and some Altered Carbon. Oh, and the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery. On Carbon, I will say this: the world-building is excellent, and the mystery-solving is fun…but they have some work to do in terms of making their characters real and specific…and some work to do on really making the MYSTERY itself interesting. Right now, we don’t really know what it’s important, actually…and that’s a huge problem. BUT…I am intrigued, at the very least.

On Disco…I’m disappointed. Really disappointed. I find the show to be extremely, extremely sloppy. Soooooo freaking sloppy. There is so much fracking shit on that show that completely defies logic. It’s constant. It drives me crazy. For example, in this last episode, we literally gave a doomsday device, a bomb that could destroy the entire planet, to a character who had IN THE VERY SAME EPISODE pledged to destroy humanity. And we didn’t bat an eye or think twice….and it WORKED OUT. It saved the day. Two plot crimes in one! Our heroes being fucking stupid, and taking the motivations of our villain and completely dropping them when it served our purposes of a quick plot resolution. It was easy. Too easy.

That’s a dead giveaway, fellow storytellers out there…if you ever find yourself plotting a story and find that something just happens to work out for your heroes, you made a big mistake. You have inserted yourself as the AUTHOR into your story, swooping in like the hand of god, waving a magic easy wand, and making everything okay and neat and quick when it should be everything but those things.

I hate it.

And that is just one tiny example of what frustrated me so much about this first season of Disco. I’m frustrated and disappointed enough I’m not actually sure I’ll continue watching next season. Which bums me out. I was actually really, really excited about this new show. It is the GOLDEN AGE of premium television right now, after all. Star Trek deserved to be a part of that.

Star Trek: Discovery doesn’t hold a candle to the golden age of premium television…shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Stranger Things, or Handmaid’s Tale. Not a candle. It’s a pretender. An imitation. And man…that is a shame. A huge, huge shame. There was so much opportunity for Star Trek in the darker, more realistic, serialized format. SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY. Fertile ground ready for digging that Star Trek had never dug down into before…and so far, they’ve hardly managed to dip the tip below the surface.

It bums me out…but it’s true.

Those are my thoughts for now. Catch y’all on the flip 😉